Friday, July 25, 2008

Mouth - Stomach Synchronization

The interesting thing about trying to achieve a transformation is that I get to take a long look at myself and, especially, my body. I'm trying to figure out why my body wants one thing while my brain is wanting something else. It's complicated.

Fer instance.

I'm eating well. No starvation diets for me, I eat plenty of good foods all during the day. But...even though I'm basically full, not hungry, my belly is mouth still wants to chew something. Snack attacks! They are with me all the time. I sit at my desk at work and have incredible urges to eat chips, sweets, whatever I can find (and it's really easy to find too).

I dunno. Maybe it's an emotional need. Maybe I'm bored. Or stressed. Or just want to do something else besides write some twenty pages of reports.

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