Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two for one

I'm finding it is possible to push away my plate at a restaurant and ask for a doggie bag.

I can't avoid eating out. Earlier this week, my new sister-in-law came to town for a visit. Now, being a new member of the family and wanting to be a good host, I couldn't very well offer Myoplex's all around or go all out with a bit of tuna and brown rice. So yeah, let's go out to eat at a nice place.

What's that? Oh, she likes Mexican food. ummmm....okeedokee

Get to the place. I order something that, while not exactly low fat, at least is low in carbs. The waiter plops down a platter piled high with more food than I have right now in my fridge. It was good too. I ate half. Okay...I ate a little more than half. I then put the rest into a carry-out carton for lunch the next day.

Then yesterday, my team at work wanted to go out for lunch and do a little bonding. Where to? Why an Italian place. ooooooohhhhhh.

Same thing. Order the best I can that was available. No pasta. Eat half and save the rest for an evening meal.

It's not the ideal way to eat but it keeps me from completely going of the tracks when I have to divert from my carefully planned meals


ExpandForFree said...
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Jay said...

espandforfree...who I deleted above

I really despise spammers who invite themselves on to other people's blogs to peddle whatever useless bits of turd they hope others will buy.