Saturday, January 02, 2010


I've enabled word verification on this blog. I'm sorry to do this because I know it's often a pain. I sure don't like going through this hoop when I comment on other people's blogs and I've resisted doing it here because I want people to be able to just leave feedback as the mood hits them. I like comments. I like visiting the blogs of other people who visit mine.

But....jeeze...the spam

I've had the function whereby comments were moderated. I'd get an email and could decide whether to publish or trash a particular comment. This was pretty good but required me going through all of them and picking out legitimate comments from spammers. I've also seemed to acquire some auto spammer which leaves comments in Chinese...several every few hours. I've grown tired of sifting through it all every day.

So, I've enabled word verification. If you want to comment here, you'll have to do an extra step and type in a word to prove that you are an actual human. If it's more trouble than it is worth for you, I'm sorry. This is a major place where I discover blogs of people that I enjoy, and I would hate to lose a chance to be introduced to what you have to offer.

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