Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Assignment #1 - part 2

In recent days and weeks, the three most predominant inner feelings I have been experiencing can be specifically described with these words:
1. Anxiety about my health
2. Feeling a lack of energy
3. Thinking that I fail at my goals

Three limiting beliefs about my ability to change, which might interfere with my future achievements are:
1. I've failed before, I'll fail again
2. I'm too old
3. I'm too out of shape

Three objectively verifiable and measureable statements which reflect my physical condition and health right now are:
1. I've taken before pictures; front, back, and side
2. My weight is 223.6 pounds
3. I wear a size 42 pants and they are snug
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Kath Lockett said...

Just do it, man.

I'm a runner - albeit not a good one, but it's helped me with more than just my weight. It makes me feel proud of the effort it's taken and boosts my self esteem.

Set your alarm, and as soon as you swing your legs out of bed and your feet touch the floor, you're committed. Walk, dance, hop or run. Whatever effort you make is better than nothing at all. Trust me.

Jay said...

Indeed, Kath. Running is a bit too jarring for my knee joints, but I can ride a bicycle just fine and I walk every chance I get.