Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowed Under

Good gravy, I feel like I'm emerging from an ice age. So okay, I didn't get going on the transformation last Monday as planned. It's been the story of my life all traction. Snowstorms have pounded Topeka since before Christmas and it's been a mess. Any type of travel has been an ordeal. Heck, just getting out of the house has been a major expedition. I caught a cold from somebody, somewhere. I twisted my ankle slipping on the ice in the parking lot on my way to a meeting at work where everybody was informed that they needed to increase productivity or risk being fired by those in the agency who have no productivity at all. I had a flat tire. My cat was sick.

Add to all of that.....I hate winter. More each year.

It sure would be easy to say "fuggit".

Not happening though.

Not this time.


Boyd said...

Sorry about all your bad luck. I know how that can be. I think sometimes all I have is bad luck. Do me a favor. Listen to Bill's last radio show from the 7th. Might help raise your head :) By the way, if you go to the transformation site, I put up my before pics.

Jay said...

When I stop and think..I'm extraordinarily blessed in my life. Sometimes I let the little things get to me. Like you, Boyd, I'm working on not sweating the small stuff.