Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TC 2010 Assignment #1

Three values for my life, which I hold deeply within my heart are:

1. All people have value, each life is precious.
2. It's not what you get from the world that's important, it's what you give.
3. My wife is more than a spouse; she is, in every way, my soulmate.

I am sometimes amazed that, out of the billions alive and billions who have gone before, each and every person is unique. I don't even pretend to understand what happens after death; but I do know that we all seem to have only one shot at the here and now. A life is a rare gift...one to be grateful about and not to squander.

The world owes you nothing and going through life complaining about that fact will get you more of nothing. I believe that our purpose of existence is to make the world a little better during our lives.

I know that "soulmate" is a corny and overused phrase. I've had a lot of relationships, some good, some bad, and some disastrous. I've never met anybody like my wife. We seem to communicate on a level I didn't think was possible. All I know is that I'm a better person because of her and I feel complete.
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