Friday, January 29, 2010

How Much is Too Much?

One problem I'm having, due to being horribly out of shape and in my early oldfarthood, is integrating daily exercise into my life without hurting myself. I know that I should take it nice and slow, especially at first, to keep from injuring myself...thus short-circuiting any fitness program before it gets off the ground. It's happened to me before; go all out in the gym, take a week before I can walk straight again, and have a lot of trepidation in returning to the gym.

I know, I know, I know.'s embarrassing to be lifting itty bitty weights when youngsters are next to me pounding out iron to beat the band. I realize that most people in a gym could not care less about what the fat man in the baggy warm-up suit is doing, and those that do notice most likely approve of anybody working out no matter what their shape. I wonder at times just who I'm trying to impress.

I guess I'll just have to resign myself to wuss status while I slowly build up to more respectable weights.
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Terry said...

Everyday I work out with guys half my age lifting twice the weight. I will always prefer that to setting around with a bunch of people my own age playing cards.

Finding that balance between doing work and not getting hurt is critical. I often back off to make sure I don't hurt myself. At my age that is just being smart.

Other people are not near as interested in us as we think. They are much more interested in what they are doing.

The wuss is the guy with his ass still in the chair.


Jay said...

The owner of the gym must either read my blog or my mind because he mentioned much the same to me. He told me that other members are not impressed with the amount of weight someone is moving around, but the amount of sweat someone is producing.

It really changed my whole attitude.