Monday, August 15, 2011

I Hate Wearing Glasses

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I really do. It always feels like I'm wearing a mask, it screws up my peripheral, and with bifocals I'm continuously doing the head nodding routine to try and find just the right focal point. Plus, lotsa people already consider me a nerd and glasses do nothing to dispel that notion.

Still....I have to be able to read. My arms are no longer long enough so I need glasses for most of what I do every day. It can be embarrassing to be in a room full of people and squinting trying to figure out who is there, folks think I'm flirting with them. So off I went to get an eye exam. I haven't had one in about four years and figured that I may as well use some of my insurance which I pay out the nose for all the time. What I find out is that my eyesight is still crappy...but not anymore than it was four years ago.

I think that is the same goal I would like to achieve in this project. I don't expect to have the physique I had thirty years ago but it would be nice to not get much worse for the next several years. Maybe...just maybe....I can reverse a few things. I'm not trying to get the body of a teenager again, I just want to get the best body that a 55 year old can have.

Besides......nerds are suppose to be skinny

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