Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Exposing Myself

I haven't posted in a few days because I'm struggling with an conundrum. Just exactly how much of myself should I expose to the world through this blog?

I'm not talking about exposing my body. I'll probably do that through the year but it will be in an attempt to gauge progress and I'll give warnings to any reader who might be easily frightened. No, I'm talking more about personal exposures of my daily activities. I want this project to be a detailed account of all the stuff that goes on with a day-to-day journey to reach my goal in the next year. I can write about diet and exercise but can really only go so far with those subjects; besides, that can be a bit boring after a while for both myself and readers. What I need to do is detail the million and one things which pop up every day to derail us from attaining these goals that though we desperately want to achieve, somehow manage to fall short of actually completing.

One problem I have is my profession. I work in the mental health field and most of what I do every day is confidential. Not top secret as in national security but still stuff that I can't go into with much detail because it involves other people's private lives. I have to deal with a host of legal and ethical issues which force me to severely edit what I share about my working life....and that can be a problem if my working life is a big chunk of my week and the source of some of those things that might be hindering my progress.

After much thought on the matter, I believe I have reached a solution. I will not describe the agency I work for (so don't ask). I will not talk about any client, even using a pseudonym. I will not give professional advice or observations; anything I write here is purely my own opinion, which you can take or discard as you see fit. I will write about my daily experiences as they pertain to how it effects my own state of mind, motivation, and periods of discouragement.

In a nutshell....I'll have no hesitation of exposing myself but I'll limit it to myself.

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