Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stuff I Try Out I know that peanut butter is not exactly the food of choice for losing weight, but I love the stuff. Besides, like most everything else, it's not the food that's bad for you so much as the quantity of the food you eat. Peanut butter is a good source of protein and fiber. It has a lot of fat...hence the need to moderate yourself with a bit of common sense. I'm particularly fond of the Natural Jif (crunchy of course) because it is very low in sodium and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

-nutrient dense food that requires no preparation and is tasty and filling
-natural ingredients and low salt content and no HFC syrup
-no need to stir; most natural peanut butter looks like brown snot and quickly goes rancid

-this is NOT a low fat product, they make low fat PB but it tastes like mud (actually, I have a more vulgar descriptive label..but you get the idea)
-not good if you have a peanut allergy


Yes, it's got a lot of fat. Yes, it's high in calories. Yes, it's one of those processed foods that I railed against in an earlier post.

But it's damn good. If I have to give up eating good stuff just to be skinny...quite frankly....I'd rather be fat. I'm pretty sure there is a way to have both.


Andrea said...

Hey, at least it's somewhat healthy! My thing that I love and will love no matter what is coffee creamer. During the holiday season it's the pumpkin pie spice.....when that isn't on the shelves I like the Almond Joy flavor. I need coffe to live in the morning (at least that's what convinces me to get out of bed). I've tried no fat, low fat, and even no creamer at all. It just doesn't taste the same.
So that's my one non-negotiable thing that I will never get rid of. I'm not currently dieting, but I am trying to clean up the food me and my family eats....

Jay said...

That's what I'm getting at, Andrea. I don't want to give up certain things I like just because they have fat in them when the non fat versions doesn't cut it as far as taste goes. I've tried the pumpkin pie spice's goooooooood.

Bogaman said...

PB is one of my all time favorites. Been on the atkins diet for a while. Still sneak in a spoonful once or twice a week. X.

Jay said...

As far as treats go, PB is a pretty good choice.