Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Need Energy

I don't know what's wrong with me today. I just have no energy to do anything at all. I'm not really tired. I feel rested well enough. It's not like I have any particular chore that I want to procrastinate about. I just feel sluggish. No energy. No desire. No drive.

I've been told that having a proper diet can maintain activity. I've also been told that exercise can rev up the mind and body throughout the day. I'll see if there is anything to those rumors.

But right now....I don't even have enough juice in my brain to change my mind.
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Boyd said...

Jay I do get like that time to time. When I get in this mood I think what I will be thinking later that night if I didn't go workout. Normally I always know what I will think. I will be downing myself because I didn't do it and I'll make up an excuse that I will do it tomorrow. If that's my train of thought I will never get out and do it. At that point I get off the couch and just do it. I guarantee you will feel much better afterwards :)

Jay said...

It seems that the less I do during the day, the less I want to do. You're right...best thing is to just get up and do it.