Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What's It All About

So what is this project to 55? Simply put, it will be a documentation of my effort to attain that elusive goal of health and fitness by the time I reach the age of 55....a bit less than 13 months from now. To that end I'll be posting every day (or at least every day that there is a computer available) about my progress, lack of progress, setbacks, breakthroughs, and whatever crosses my mind at the moment. There will still be the Cat Blogging Wednesdays because I like cats, especially mine. I'll do some product reviews to discuss which things are helpful and which are total crap. I'll probably post videos, particularly on days where I'm not feeling much like writing. I may put up some half-naked photos of myself during the year but I will limit that out of fear of being made fun of by friends and family.

Some of my more geekier friends tell me that blogs are dead but I'd like to think that it is still a good venue to express oneself. I'm especially interested in writing about this project because there just isn't a heckuvalot out there about people like me who want to get fit and healthy....people who start off with a lifetime of bad habits and very little, if any, exercise experience. I see a few here and there and, like myself, they fade away and give up for one reason or another. The main purpose of this project is to detail where things can go wrong and how to get quickly back on track. This blog will include lots of failures along the way but, hopefully, solutions as well.


Jason said...

I hope you kick ass mate

Josh said...

Good luck to ya Jay. :)
I don't think blogs are dead. I'd write in mine but my attention span over the last couple years has dwindled that that of a goldfish.
Therefore, I can only write short, simple sentences and paragraphs.
According to my doc, this is called ADD- inattentive type.. His cure, XR amphetamines :/

Don said...

Blogging isn't dead, just left to those with staying power...

Glad to see your counter up to 21 (almost 22) days! Keep up the great work there!

I'm five years behind you in the fit by 55 call (turn 50 on the 27th) and have similar goals, although I won't be trying the veggie thing.... ;)

Keep us posted!