Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cardio....also called aerobic....it's exercise that's very important in strengthening your cardiovascular system; stuff like the heart, lungs, blood vessels, all sorts of critical things to keep you living day after day.  My cardiologist recommends at least 60 minutes a week of the type of exercise that gets my heart rate up.  150 minutes is best.  Cardio also has the benefit of helping to shed fat, especially gut fat.  It's a generally good idea to do some type of cardio whenever possible as much as possible.  

There is one problem though.  Cardio is fuggin boring!

It really doesn't matter what you do for cardio as long as you are moving and your heart rate is up.  At a gym there are all types of machines you can use like treadmills or ellipticals.   You don't even have to go to a gym.  Jogging or doing a fast walk around the neighborhood works just dandy.  I like riding a bicycle.

And that's the key to get over the boredom.  Do something you like.  Music helps as well.  I tend to like the harder rock, but really it's whatever you enjoy listening to that will make the time pass more easily.  

Because that's the show stopper with doing cardio effectively and consistently....being bored.  If you are bored doing something, chances are you will not do it or, at the very least, look for an excuse to skip it or put it off for another day.  The mind has to be entertained while the body is being put through it's paces.  Your brain doesn't care whether it's being entertained while your body is sitting on the couch or sweating on a treadmill.

Though if you're going to be listening to Nickelback.....don't tell me about it.

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