Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not a Runner

I use to run.  I use to run all the time.  I jogged before it was popular.  I ran just for the pure enjoyment of running.  It seemed like I could never really get tired.  

"I use to" is the operative phrase here.  I can't run for any great distance anymore without great pain in my knees and ankles.  Every once in a while I'll try sprinting and, though it feels great at the time, I pay a big price the next day with soreness and limping.  It really pisses me off because I miss running.  I sometimes have dreams of running at night.

So what to do?  Walking is boring and really doesn't get my heart rate going much...unless I do that weird speed walk duck waddle thing, and that isn't happening.  Swimming is good but somewhat impracticable since I have to go to where a pool is located and open.  

A bicycle was my answer.  I bought a fairly cheap on at a discount store.  Nothing fancy, but it suits my needs.  As I've mentioned before, there are miles and miles of walking/biking trails close to my house.  It also includes miles and miles of back woods trails that I really enjoy riding through.  Lots of fresh air, trees, critters, and mud.

Oh yeah, the mud.  Love the mud.

Feels like I'm 8 years old again. 

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