Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transformation Day 23

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Well now, it's a pretty significant day for me. I just received the last payment notice for my beloved red pickup. I've been paying on it for nearly six years. Every month, year after year, though divorce and marriage...I've paid on this thing. I am the only person to own it and, other than whoever put twenty miles on it getting it to the showroom floor, I am the only person who has ever driven my little red truck.

Is it silly to be happy about completely owning a vehicle free and clear? Is it prideful to have the smug satisfaction that every single bolt on my pickup is my property alone and belongs to no one else?

I dunno. All that's really going through my mind as I write the final check to Ford Credit is....


Terry (kettlebellguy.com) said...

It's a great feeling to have a vehicle paid off. Not everyone gets to experience that. Now the question is what happens to that money each month now?


Jay said...

What with giving up cigarettes and no more car payments, I've got money coming out of my ears.

Actually...I just have hair...but you get my meaning.

Ann said...

I remember writing out that last check for my final car payment. Was such an exciting feeling NO MORE CAR PAYMENTS, yeahhhhhh!!!!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

You seem to be married to your vehicle, let's hpe it doesn't end in divorce. lol

Congratulations I hope it was worth it.

Jay said...

I've had this vehicle longer than my first marriage...been more satisfied with it too.