Saturday, January 17, 2009

Transformation Day 13

Yeah, I've got a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my house. It's taking a great deal of will-power to stay out of them until my free day. It helps when you look at the nutrition label on the boxes....fat city. I know that I can't just eat a couple and, once I open a box, I'll munch on the cookies until they are gone. The thing is...the cookies are really not very good. They're dry with no taste other than the sugar. Plus, they are way overpriced, about a quarter per scrawny little cookie.

So why do I buy them?

It's not because I want to support young girls in their fundraising efforts. Heck, I haven't bought a box of Girl Scout cookies from an actual Girl Scout in thirty years. I buy them from parents, usually at work. The parents corner me with an order form and browbeat me into buying a few boxes for their little darlings. I took the boxes home so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat them at my desk.

My wife's only response when I lugged all the cookies through the door was " Thin Mints?"

Yesterday's meals:

cottage cheese and yogurt
fish and veggies
spaghetti and meat sauce
2 cookies (I know, I know)


Anonymous said...

i am a girl scout and that hurts my feelings all we are trying to do is give people little desserts now and then. they r a little pricy but o well!!!

Jay said...

Nothing against the GSA. They're a great organization.