Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Chow Down

Tuesday's meals were probably a bit more than I needed since I went out to eat for lunch. I went to a Thai restaurant, which is not too bad since Thai food is generally healthier than the fare at most places...but the portions were generous and I cleaned my plate.

oatmeal with honey
yogurt smoothie
phad thai, spring roll, crabmeat roll
(skipped 4th meal cuz I was still full)
turkey sausage with potato and carrots
water, water, and more water


Boyd said...

Hey Jay,
My wife join the blog site here and could always use a little more motivation. Could you follow her and maybe give her some comments time to time :) Appreciate it. I have a link for her on my page :) Her name is Brandi.

Jay said...

yep...paid her a visit and plan to add Brandi to my blogroll when I get around to it.