Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was going over all my stock investments this morning. It's a little thing I have in case I ever retire and wish to purchase a higher grade of dog food or splurge on medication to keep me alive. Last year sucked! I lost over 40% of my portfolio value. I would literally have done better if I had just spent the money on lottery tickets.

Then I switch on the news for more reports of massive multi-billion dollar bailouts for all the a-holes that have been sucking dry my pension and are responsible for the economic meltdown in the first place. It's so nice that our taxes will ensure they will not face any financial hardship.

You can probably guess what the government bailout plan is for regular folks like us.

Sigh. All the more reason, I suppose, to keep myself as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Obtaining a transformation to become physically fit is, for me, much more of an imperative than simple vanity. Oh...looking better would be a plus. I'd love to get into smaller clothes and see a lascivious leer in my wife's eye. But there is a more basic need to achieve this goal of health and fitness.



Anonymous said...

Alas, I have shamelessly stolen your graphic.

Terry (kettlebellguy.com) said...

I have experienced the same thing on my 401K. It is a nightmare. The only thing we have going for us is that we can still work. Maybe if we work hard we might be able to build back to what we had, maybe.


Jay said...

uppitywoman....Mi casa es su casa.

Terry....I guess it is a sign of getting older when you get really nervous about the shape of your 401K. 20 years ago I didn't give two hoots about it, figuring it would always be there. Kinda like my health.

Anonymous said...

My 401k is in the crapper. I was all set. Retiring early even! I'm definitely too old to start over. I guess I will have to let the government take care of me like everybody else wants to do. Be a good comrade. We people who saved, invested and planned our own futures are considered traitors now. We didn't spend all of our money.

Jay said...

Yeah. I'm one of those people that pays their bills and lives within their means, putting a bit aside for a rainy day....in other words...a sucker.