Friday, January 16, 2009

Transformation Day 12

I hate phones. Well, I don't really hate phones in and of themselves, I just hate talking on the things. I hate answering phones. I hate calling people on phones. I would rather do just about anything at all than spend time with a phone next to my ear.

Which may seem a bit odd considering that my job requires a great deal of work with a phone

Maybe that has something to do with it? I mean, to me, talking on the phone equates to work. At work, every phone call is a demand upon me to make decisions. When the phone rings in my office it's not because somebody wants to chit chat and pass the time of day. I'm on the spot. I'm required to resolve some type of problem. I HAVE to answer the damn thing.

Off work...I have no reluctance to let my phone ring without the slightest urge to respond. I guess I also project that feeling toward others by assuming that they would not necessarily want me to give them a little ringy dingy out of the blue. This causes some problems with me; such as other people thinking that I just don't want to talk with them or that, maybe, I don't even like them.

no, no, no

Phone phobia is my little personality disorder. Most of my family and friends understand and tolerate this idiosyncrasy of mine. It's also not as if I'm some type of Luddite is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. Email, IM, YouTube; I love all that stuff.

You want to talk to me? I want to write to you. There's a happy medium in there somewhere.

Yesterday's meals:

yogurt and cottage cheese
tuna and rice
small bowl of chili with lots of jalapenos
chicken breast and potato


Boyd said...

My wife would rather text then talk on the phone lol.

cube said...

I never hated talking on the phone until I managed a doctor's office and all the crazy and/or difficult calls came to me. When I was called to the phone, it usually meant trouble.

Terry ( said...

I have worked for the "phone company" for 37 years. I loved that picture of Lilly. I use to work with a woman who did her routine perfect. "One ring-a-dingy".

Years ago I was a "service rep" answering on the first ring, solving problems on the first call.

In my job now I can control more of the demands of the phone.

I hate talking on the phone in my personal life now and have no problem walking right past a ringing phone. It can ring till the end of time for all I care.


Jay said...

Boyd...I don't understand texting at all. Someday I probably ought to learn how to do it.

cube....I hear ya. Toward the end of the day, I almost wince when the phone rings.

Terry...You show your age when you are familiar with Laugh-In characters.