Sunday, January 18, 2009

Transformation Day 14

I love coming across stuff that helps me in my quest for becoming less than I am. Today I picked up something that I'm really pleased with; It's called Stevia. I bought the box of packets above and I think I may just do without sugar from now on.

I've never liked saccharin or Sweet N Low. The stuff always tasted more bitter than sweet to my tongue. Aspartame or Equal is just evil. I always imagine tumors growing in my brain when I ingest that crap. Sucralose, or Splenda, has never thrilled me. It has a slippery soapy feel in my mouth and I suspect it of giving me headaches.

This stevia is great though. Natural. No calories. No carbs. No glycemic index. Best of's actually sweet!

Yesterday's meals:

turkey and green beans
chicken with spinach and pasta

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Hawaika said...

Hey Jay! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that Stevia is a very good choice for a sweetener for the reasons you listed. As a side note, I saw a naturopath doctor who put me on a cleanse and I lost 40 pounds! Have more energy, sleep better at night, etc. So if you can, go see one.
P.S. I love your Monday cat blogs.