Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Transformation Day 16

If you look up at the top of my blog page you'll notice a little quitmeter that shows how long I've gone without smoking and how much money I haven't spent on cigarettes. You may also notice, if you happen to have been visiting for the past couple of weeks, that it has been reset.

Yes...dammit...I relapsed....but like any desire to make a change in one's behavior, sometimes it takes multiple efforts to get it right. So I tossed out the cigs, slapped on a patch, and am giving it another go. Being a non-smoker is critical to my goal of being fit in my fifties. All the right eating and intensive exercise doesn't mean squat if I continue to suck on those coffin nails.

Trouble is, I do so many activities while smoking...especially writing. Right now I keep wanting to reach for a cigarette and a lighter every time I have a pause in my typing.

I'm going to the gym. It's probably the one place and activity that I've never associated with smoking.


Terry (kettlebellguy.com) said...

When I stopped many years ago I can still remember reaching for my smoke in the ashtray that was always by my side.

I hope this is your time to make this happen.


Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I've never been there but I several people who have. You can do it. Just keep with it. Take care

Boyd said...

OK Jay a very long time ago I use to smoke. I found out that it was more mind over matter. Basically you have to prepare you mind in advance. Give me a shout if you want to know what I did to quit :)

wine blog said...

The money alone should be a good enough reason to quit. Look how much you've already saved.

Jerry said...

I use to smoke off and on but I was one of the fortunate ones who could quit with relative ease. I know its not easy. I lost my dad this past summer, he had black lung, asbestosis, and emphysema. The longest period I remember him not smoking was 6 months. I'll pray that God gives you the strength to resist the temptation. All things are possible through him.

visit my blog sometime. Hopefully you'll find something that can help you. www.looserdiary.blogspot.com

Good luck,